The first socio-financial network of mutual

The average growth rate
of the «value» of the PIR

0.62% per day

«Yield» calculator


Accrued rating: PIR

* «Profit»

in 250 days

* The calculator shows the approximate

** The range received «income»: the initial perriod → the final period (the amount of charges increases on a daily basis throughout the life of the installment)

How does it work?

Investing in human capital of the society, you receive the PIR whose value grows permanently at 45% per month. Thus, raising your financial status together with PIR is a simple business understandable to all.

Get registered right now and receive $10 worth of PIR, which will help you understand much faster the society's operating principle.

How to start earning?

Become a partner

Execute a simple registration procedure by filling in all the relevant cells and receive access to the PIRS personal account.



Help other partners of the society by choosing the payment system and following the subsequent instructions.


Get richer

Receive help from other partners of the society according to your PIR.


Invite friends

Tell your friends about PIRS and receive bonuses in the form of increasing your PIR.


Only the best electronic payment systems and common currency

PIRS uses international electronic payment systems as the best way to redistribute the means among the partners of the society from different countries.