1.1. PIRS (Personal Investment Rating System) is an international socio-information platform enabling each and every user to obtain an individual investment rating, according to which an amount of investment is determined for members of the PIRS for developing the human capital of a given user.

1.2. PIR (Personal Investment Rating) is an internal unit of the PIRS community which determines the recommended amount of “investments” made by members of the community in human capital of each individual member.

1.3. Each PIR assigned to the member is “bought out” by the PIRS community at a rate of 0.4% per 24 hours of the entire amount of PIR held by him (member) since the moment of its last increase.

1.4. PIR has “a value” in the PIRS community which constantly increases by 0.1 to 1.2% per 24 hours (the mean growth rate of the PIR value is 0.75% per 24 hours).

1.5. Each PIR unit “bought out” by the PIRS community credits to the balance in the member’s personal account an amount of conventional units (PIRS-Dollar) corresponding to the exchange rate.

The members are recommended to equalize 1 PIRS-Dollar to 1 electronic unit* of the available electronic payment systems.**

1.6. The PIR exchange rate grows daily.

1.7. The PIR can be increased by providing voluntary and free help to the members of the PIRS community and (or) by active development of the PIRS community.

1.8. The member’s rating can be raised round-the-clock to any amount not exceeding 1000 PIRS-Dollar per week, by providing voluntary and free help to other members of the PIRS. The minimum amount of voluntary and free aid to PIRS member is 10 PIRS-Dollars.

1.9. All the help provided by the PIRS community members to one another in the form of electronic units* is voluntary and free and shall not be subject to mandatory repayment.

At an average growth of rate PIR - 0.75% per day*
DepositMonthCost of the PIRAmount of the PIRRansom of the PIR**Volume
of obtained
of obtained
$1 000011000$3 057

*Redemption and PIR growth rate daily. Thus, if there is no increase rate (due to new contributions and / or bonuses for activity) during the year, PIR fully redeemed community and assistance is terminated.

**The rate of foreclosures PIR is 0.4% per day of the total available volume PIR since his last increase.

2.1. The User is a member of the PIRS registered on the official website https://pirs.pro/ or its mirrors.

2.2. The Partner is a user who has raised his/her rating in the PIRS by one or several of the available methods envisioned by the recommendations of the community (registration bonus is not included).

2.3. The rating center (RC) is a member who has fulfilled the qualification requirements. There are 10 levels of the rating centers, from RC I to RC X.

2.4. Qualification requirements for receiving RC I status:

  1. The total growth of PIR equal to no less than 300 PIRS-Dollar.
  2. 10 and more active users in the first line whose PIR growth is greater than or equal to 3 000 PIRS-Dollars.

2.4.1. Qualification requirements for obtaining RC II – RC X statuses (statuses are awarded based on the number of partners in the structure):

  • RC II – 50-99 active partners in the structure;
  • RC III — 100–499 active partners in the structure;
  • RC IV — 500–999 active partners in the structure;
  • RC V — 1 000–4 999 active partners in the structure;
  • RC VI — 5 000–9 999 active partners in the structure;
  • RC VII — 10 000–24 999 active partners in the structure;
  • RC VIII — 25 000–49 999 active partners in the structure;
  • RC IX — 50 000–99 999 active partners in the structure;
  • RC X — 100 000 and more (without restrictions) active partners in the structure;

3.1. Registration bonus is awarded after registration to each member in the form of PIR equal to 10 PIRS-Dollars. In the absence of activity such as purchasing of PIR or attracting referrals within 60 days, registration bonus and all accrued PIRS-Dollar will be annuled. The registration bonus does not participate in the distribution of referral and managerial bonuses.

3.2. Referral bonus makes up 7% of all PIR referral additions (of personally invited members). It is awarded as PIR and is available to all members, starting from the User status. For example, you have invited a member, and he gained a rating equal to 100 PIR; accordingly, as his referral, you get a 7 unit increase of your PIR.

3.3. Storage bonus makes up 1% of the total of all stored funds and is paid by the members when voluntary and free help is provided. The bonus is available to members with a status starting from RC 1 and above, which perform the storage functions.

3.4. Managerial bonus is awarded based on a multiple-level system as PIR and is available to all RC I to RC X status members.

3.5. Managerial bonuses are awarded by levels as follows:

  • 1st line – 6%;
  • 2nd line – 4%;
  • 3rd line – 3%;
  • 4th line – 2%;
  • 5th line – 1%;
  • 6th line – 1 %;
  • 7th line – 0.5 %;
  • 8th line – 0.5%;
  • 9th line – 0.25;
  • 10th line – 0.25 %;
  • 11th line and all subsequent ones (without restrictions) – 0.1 %.

3.6. Each new RC level opens two in-depth lines for receiving the managerial bonus. For example, RC I receives the managerial bonus from all awards of the Structure Investment Rating (SIR) of its 1st and 2nd lines, which makes up respectively 6% and 4%. Similarly, for RC II, in addition to the 1st and 2nd lines, there open the 3rd and 4th lines, accounting , respectively, for 3 and 2 %.

3.7. RC status members do not receive managerial bonuses from the structures of their inferior members having a status equal to theirs. For example, a RC II status member having a structure of 70 active partners, shall not receive managerial bonuses from the structure of his inferior member with the same RC II status having a structure of 60 active partners until he/she raises his/her status to RC III.

3.8. All the bonuses in the PIRS community are awarded as PIR.

of paid
of referrals with
"partner" status
of partners
The total amount
of purchased
referrals PIR
Size of managerial
bonus according to the
participant level
LevelManagerial bonus
Partnerfrom $107%24%
RC Ifrom $3007%21010 – 49from $3 00033%
RC IIfrom $3007%41050–99from $3 00042%
RC IIIfrom $3007%610100 – 499from $3 00051%
RC IVfrom $3007%810500 – 999from $3 00061%
RC Vfrom $3007%10101 000 – 4 999from $3 00070.50%
RC VIfrom $3007%12105 000 – 9 999from $3 00080.50%
RC VIIfrom $3007%141010 000 – 24 999from $3 00090.25%
RC VIIIfrom $3007%161025 000 – 49 999from $3 000100.25%
RC IXfrom $3007%181050 000 – 99 999from $3 000110.10%
RC Xfrom $3007%No
10100 000 or morefrom $3 000No

4.1. The advertizing commission (hereinafter referred to as the AC) makes up 10% of the total amount of help received by PIRS members. It is exacted only in case the member does not individually participate in active development of the community.

4.2. The AC is not charged from the members having a direct partners’ investment rating (DPIR) different from zero. For example, a member has given help worth 100 PIRS Dollars. Considering the community’s mean development rate, in a year he will get 294 PIRS Dollars, which will amount, less 10% of the advertizing commission, to 264 PIRS Dollars. Not to “pay” the advertizing commission, the member must personally involve one or several referrals with a total amount of PIR equal to 294 PIR Dollars.

In our case, if a member involves one referral with an amount of PIR equal to 100 PIRS Dollars, the community will not deduct the AC from him until he/she receives 100 PIRS Dollars, while a 10% AC will be deducted from the remaining 172 PIRS Dollars.

5.1. The advertizing fund is formed from the total of the advertizing commission in as PIRS Dollar and distributed among RC V to RC Z status members. The entire advertizing fund is channeled into the development of the PIRS community.

5.2. The advertizing fund is distributed among the members based on the following principle:

  • RC V — 20 % of AC of his/her structure;
  • RC VI — 20 % of AC of his/her structure;
  • RC VII — 20 % of AC of his/her structure;
  • RC VIII — 20 % of AC of his/her structure;
  • RC IX – 20% of AC of his/her structure;
  • RC X – the entire uncalled advertizing fund of the structure.

6.1. “Payments” are made daily from 00:00 GMT Monday till 23:59 GMT Tuesday.

6.2. “Payment” applications are accepted round the clock.

6.3. “Payments” on applications submitted before 23:59 GMT Thursday of the current week shall be made within the following week on the days specified in clause 6.1.

6.4. “Payments” on applications submitted after 23:59 GMT Thursday of the current week shall be made in a week, after “payments” on applications specified in clause 6.3.

6.5. The minimum payment amounts to 5 PIRS-Dollars. Within 14 days since the moment of registration the minimum payment is not limited.

7.1. Three stabilization protocols have been developed for reliable and stable operation of the PIRS community.

1st level stabilization protocol is based on the floating PIR growth percentage.

According to the recommendations, the PIR growth rate may range from 0.1 to 1.2% in 24 hours, depending on a number of factors that determine the community development dynamics.

In case of stable and smooth development of the community the PIR growth rate ranges from 0.4 to 0.9% in 24 hours.

The PIR growth rate can be reduced in proportion to the reduction in the community development rate or under other adverse circumstances.

Also, there is a seasonal PIR growth rate reduction, about which all the members shall be warned in good time.

In case of the “explosive” community development rate, the PIR growth rate may increase to the maximum.

7.2. 2nd level stabilization protocol is based on the change of the PIR buy-out rate.

According to the community’s recommendations, the PIR “buy-out” rate accounts for 0.4% in 24 hours of the total PIR held by the members since the moment of its last increase. Thus, the PIR rating, if it is not increased, shall be fully “bought out” from the member within 250 working days, which will enable him/her to receive help from other members of the community.

Should a situation emerge, in which 1st level stabilization protocol does not ensure a reliable and stable functioning of the PIRS community, 2nd level stabilization protocol is activated, which reduces the PIR “buy-out” rate by half, significantly diminishing the peak load on the community.

In this case, the term of PIR “buy-out” from the member doubles, but, given that the PIR exchange rate grows permanently, the mean rate of PIR “buy-out” from the member will be much higher during this period.

The PIR rating awarded following the activation of 2nd level stabilization protocol is “bought out” at a standard rate of 0.4% in 24 hours.

7.3. 3rd level stabilization protocol is based on the changes in the cost of PIR.

This protocol is an extreme measure resorted to in situations when the activation of 1st and 2nd level stabilization protocols appears ineffective.

When 3rd level stabilization protocol is activated, the cost of PIR can be brought down to a safe value.

The above stabilization protocols are aimed at ensuring conditions for stable and enduring operation of the PIRS community.

7.4. “Golden” account is a special reward of the PIRS community protecting its holders against activation of 2nd and 3rd level stabilization protocols.

“Golden” accounts are awarded for merits to the community in the form of its active development and given to all the members, starting from RC V status and above.

The range of protecting Golden accounts PIR, depending on RC level:

  • RC V – protecting PIR in the amount up to 10 000 PIRS-Dollar;
  • RC VI – protecting PIR in the amount up to 20 000 PIRS-Dollar;
  • RC VII – protecting PIR in the amount up to 30 000 PIRS-Dollar;
  • RC VIII – protecting PIR in the amount up to 40 000 PIRS-Dollar;
  • RC IX – protecting PIR in the amount up to 50 000 PIRS-Dollar;
  • RC X – protecting PIR in the amount up to 100 000 PIRS-Dollar;
Member status*"Gold" account**Distribution of Advertising Fund
of structure
RC Vbefore $10 00020%
RC VIbefore $20 00020%
RC VIIbefore $30 00020%
RC VIIIbefore $40 00020%
RC IXbefore $50 00020%
RC Xbefore $100 000all unclaimed advertising fund
of structure

*Defence PIR from stabilization protocols 2-th and 3-th levels

**Advertising fund is formed from the sum of all advertising comission in the form of PIRS-Dollar and distributed among the participants with the status of RC V to RC X. All advertising fund involved in development of PIRS community.

* Electronic units are the accounting units of relevant systems of electronic payment** signifying a certain scope of rights to demand or other rights arising from the electronic payment systems agreement concluded with their users.

** The electronic payment system is a soft- and hardware product developed by a third party and representing a system for accounting of electronic units and mutual settlements between its users.